Solaire Connect is a national family run energy solutions company founded in the northern suburbs of Perth. As a family company our emphasis is on supplying quality systems at an affordable price to our customers.

At Solaire Connect we believe that our customers deserve the best. For this reason, we have aligned ourselves with industry leaders. Our Austrasolar hot water systems perthlian based suppliers provide and guarantee products of the highest quality suitable for Australia’s unique environment.

Relying heavily on word of mouth and recommendations from our satisfied customers has been the core to our successful business model, instead of big budget TV advertisements. This means that we are continually working harder than any of our competitors to satisfy our customers from the first point of contact to our industry leading after sales service. At Solaire we don’t believe in pushy salesmen, with our down to earth, yet a knowable approach to selling, you as a consumer will feel comfortable knowing that you are making the best decision for you and your family.

Our professional design team has worked continually together for 17 years delivering our customers with the best designs to suit their needs.

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