Zeus Appollo Inverter

ZA inverterHighest Efficiency

This inverter has been designed for residential solar power system. It can serve all major countries and regions with specific field-configurable set-ups available for the state grid codes and display languages. Wide MPPT voltage range takes full advantage of the output of solar modules, which ensures inverter working at a high efficiency up to 97.6%. The lower turn-off voltage keeps inverter working much longer time, which means you can benefit more from your solar power system. Transformer-less and no fan designing allows this unit to be lightweight and compact in size to help with your transportation and installation. The rugged outdoor inverter can undergo the harshest environmental conditions with its waterproof and dust proof shell.

The Advantages Plain and Simple


> Max. efficiency up to 97.6%.

> Euro. efficiency of 96.9%.

> Transformer-less design.

> No fans.


> Plugable connector.

> IP65 protection.

> Integrated DC switch
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