Why People are Choosing SolarEdge

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SolarEdge Extensive Warranties

  • 12 Years warranty on the inverter (includes parts and labour)
  • 20 Years on the optimiser’s

SolarEdge also have a dedicated technical support team in Melbourne and on road reps in each state.

To go with our REC panel with the industries lowest warranty claims among panels. Click here to read more about how great REC are.

Panel Level Monitoring:

SolarEdge allows you to see what each individual panel is doing and avoid any unnecessary loss in efficiency due to shading and inconsistent manufacturing. Compared to typical string inverters that only work to the worst panels capability, making snail trails, panel degradation and efficiency an even scarier thought. Below is a video to give you an idea of how a SolarEdge inverter works compared to a typical string inverter.

Other Key Features

  • Won the Intersolar award for best inverter (2017)
  • HD Wave has the highest inverter efficiency
  • Capable of doubling the system size in the future with the addition of batteries.
  • Add features such electric car charging, dry contacts and immersion controllers for your hot water system

Don’t Get Caught Paying Twice!

Too many companies are racing to the pricing floor by cutting any corner to get there and too many customers are falling into the trap of looking for the best price not the best product. Unfortunately for these customers they are buying systems with no longevity and will be replacing those systems well before others who invest more initially. If a price is too good to be true………. There is probably a catch!

Did you know??? 

Over 200 Solar power companies have gone into liquidation or administration……. Imagine how many systems are now without warranty!

  •  Solaire Connect has been operating since 2009, we always encourage customers to ask how long our competitors have been in business.
  • Solaire Connect has a dedicated commercial division installing systems from 10kW to 100kW, click here to check out some of our case studies.
  • Solaire Connect has a contractors agreement with only one company, not sub contracting to 3 or 4 different companies with no control over quality. 
  • 10 year workmanship warranty on their systems
  • Locally owned and operated from our Joondalup office/showroom, come by to see our working SolarEdge system with 15 different panels you can see what panels are working the best.