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The decision to go solar was easy for you. Choosing the best panel probably feels complicated.

Not all solar panels are the same. For nearly 35 years, SunPower designed and built the industry’s most advanced solar.

SunPower believes solar power can inspire your dreams. And that solar technology should inspire your trust. SunPower demands more of itself because you deserve all the advantages that better solar can provide.

SunPower solar panels are the technology of choice for the world’s top companies and experts.

SunPower is trusted because solar technology isn’t just a thing they do. It’s everything they do. There are more than 35 million SunPower solar panels installed since 1985. That’s the equivalent of removing about 17 million cars from the road.

One of our preferred solar panel manufacturers are the 2015 and 2020 Inter-solar award winner REC. They offer us a unique selling proposition that other products just can’t offer.

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar has established a global network covering production, sales and service. The company processes upstream and downstream businesses across more than 100 countries and regions worldwide with 40 branches, and has overseas employees from over 30 countries and

For the past two decades, Trina Solar has been at the forefront in solar innovation. Trina Solar owns two national-level innovation platforms, the State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology (SKL) and National Enterprise Technology Center, which gathers international top scientists from over ten countries. Till November 2019, Trina Solar’s R&D team has broken 20 world records in the field of cell efficiency and module output power.


A commitment to excellence in all aspects of the organization, a strong corporation with a solid balance sheet, and proven product quality and reliability are some of the key attributes of a bankable brand. In 2019, Trina solar has been rated as fully bankable by 100% of the experts participating in the BNEF’s bankability research. This is the fourth time in a row that the company has been recognized by BNEF.

For over 20 years Longi has been a world leader in solar panel manufacturing. Their stringent quality control system puts them in the top ranking of PV modules worldwide.

Longi have recently released the 440W Hi-Mo 5 panel which positions Longi in the global elite performers of solar.

This new technology offers consumers the economic safety of one of the worlds largest panel manufacturers alongside an amazing 21.3% module efficiency. Combined with low degradation rates, you can ensure that your solar system will stay efficient and productive over the long-term.

JA Solar is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers with third-largest solar module capacity (reportedly 42.5GW/year in 2021). JA Solar has focused on producing a mid-market solar panel for the masses that combines reliability with an affordable price point.



Micro Inverters:

• 1 million power-on hours of rigorous testing Our industry leading R&D and manufacturing standards include our 1 million power-on-hours of rigorous testing before any microinverter generation.
• Components Reduced part count and no moving parts but 5 million ASICS means less wear and tear, greater durability and greater flexibility as grid requirements change.
• Modest internal temperature rise Low voltage reduces thermal cycling and component stress, a primary cause of wear-out in other inverters.
• IP67 enclosure The double insulated polymeric IQ 7 enclosure is resistant to dust and capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes.

PV system design philosophy has a significant impact on both prevention and suppression of fires. With its all AC design, the Enphase IQ system mitigates the risk of fire by avoiding distribution of high DC voltage and high DC current altogether. Be safe and install Enphase. Enphase’s seventh-generation microinverters are powered by our unique software-defined architecture, offering the most efficient design with a single hardware SKU worldwide. With 96.5% EU efficiency, the IQ 7 series produces up to 23% more power at nearly half the weight of the S-Series.

SolarEdge comes with a 12 year inverter manufacturer’s warranty and a 25 year optimizer warranty. System performance and maintenance is at the forefront of Solaire Connect priorities so being able to monitor the system at panel level gives increased yield and peace of mind.

  • Industry leading 99% efficient inverter and intersolar award winner.
  • 12 year inverter warranty, 25 year optimiser warranty.
  • Optional extras available such as, immersion controllers and dry contacts. Divert surplus energy to your hot water system, pool pumps and other home appliances.
  • Batteries can be simply added at a later date.
  • Allows you to place panels in any orientation.
  • Will deliver around 5-25% more yield than standard grid tie inverters.
  • Difficult installations are made easy with the flexible strings.
  • Panels will be monitored by Solaire Connect, allowing us to flush out under performing panels. These would go unnoticed with a grid tie inverter.
  • You can monitor and control the system with any hand held device via the energy management suite.

The German company is widely regarded by many as the premium inverter manufacturer in the industry. This reputation has been earned over many years because of their products longevity, reliability, efficiency and ever improving technology. SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Partners are fully qualified and trained to install and service your SMA inverter. If you’re looking for a competent and professional SMA Partner in your area, the SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Partner network is all you need to ensure you receive the best experience with SMA and solar.

Solaire Connect feels Sungrow is the best inverter option, if you are looking for a great price point matched with an extremely good manufacturer.

Sungrow inverters boast some major projects worldwide including the iconic Beijing (Birdsnest) olympic stadium. Formed in 1997 Sungrow are recognised as one of the biggest inverter manufacturers in the world. Sungrow offers a 5+5 year warranty on their inverters. Sungrow has had a presence in Australia since 2012. Solaire Connect have used Sungrow for around 7 years and we believe that this product repensents perfectly what a high quality Chinese manufactured product can be.

Sungrow offers an entry level price point but is definitely a mid-range product. Sungrow have a good range of domestic inverters to compliment their commercial range. The also have a well priced hybrid inverter and even a battery storage unit.

The Inverter of choice for many Australian is Fronius. Available with a 5+5 warranty the Austrian manufactured inverter is one that offers reliability and affordability.

With a team of over 4,600 employees, GoodWe is a world-leading manufacturer located in 20 countries. The company has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2020 and has a long-standing presence in the solar market.



BYD is the largest producer of battery cells in the world and produce more electric vehicles than anyone. Because of the scale and 25 years of business history, they are able to offer a product that is price competitive but high quality as well. When combined with a Fronius GEN24, the BYD battery storage becomes a versatile and intelligent solar solution for single and 3 phase homes.

  • Comprehensive 10 year warranty
  • The BYD Battery-Box Premium meets the highest global safety standard in the world (VDE 2510-50)
  • Battery has a modular structure and can be expanded in steps of 2.8 kWh, giving you the option for your storage to be expanded on at a later date
  • LiFePO battery cell chemistry allows for more cycles (1 cycle is a full charge and discharge) with less degradation over time.
  • Simultaneous supply of loads and charging of the battery in the event of a power outage
  • Sophisticated whole home backup power solution, with automatic switch to backup power in the event of grid failure

Founded in 1997 and with over 154GW installed worldwide as of December 2020, Sungrow is the world’s most bankable inverter brand. As a leader of innovation in the solar industry. Sungrow possesses a dynamic R&D team that consists of over 1800 employees.


  • 100% usable energy
  • 30 A continuous charging and discharging current You can monitor the system with any handheld device.


  • Extendable during lifetime
  • Support 3–8 modules per unit, max. 4 units in parallel, 9–100 kWh capacity range


  • Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Multi-stages protection design plus authorized certification

Powerwall Specs

  • Energy Capacity
    13.5 kWh
    100% depth of discharge
    90% round trip efficiency
  • Power
    7kW peak / 5kW continuous
    Quick backup transition
    Pure sine wave output
  • Size and Weight
    L x W x D
    45.3″ x 29.6″ x 5.75″
    1150 mm x 753 mm x 147 mm
    251.3 lbs / 114 kg
  • Installation
    Floor or wall mounted
    Indoor or outdoor
    Up to 10 Powerwalls
    -4°F to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C
    Water and dust resistance to IP67
  • Certifications
    Meets local safety standards and regulations
  • Warranty
    10 years


By Solaire Connect

Solar Analytics connects to your system to collect and analyse your energy data and provide a complete view of your home’s energy profile.
Our patented algorithms work in the background to provide smart insights and help you save more.
Using automated alerts and notifications, we will let you know when something needs attention.

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