The 2014 Football World Cup Goes Solar.

Brazil 2014 will be powered by solar panels, 1MW has been installed at the Arena Pernambuco.

The system has not been installed on the roof like conventional systems that we typically install here in Perth, but ground mounted to make the most of precious solar real estate. Unfortunately Brazil has not embraced the hosting of the world cup.  Many negative protests are happening regarding the costs to host something of this magnitude. A large scale solar system such as this one in Pernambuco goes some way to alleviate that ill feeling.

The system will generate around 1,500MWh per year.  That equates to about 30% of the grounds electrical use while the games played. When the ground is empty the power will travel out to the local community’s grid. Adjacent to the ground will be a visitor centre displaying real time performance of the Pernambuco solar farm.

The world cup in Brazil will attract some 715million people worldwide to switch on their television and watch this great spectacle. You can expect to see many solar panel manufacturers to be major sponsors on the biggest stage of them all, which is further proof of how far this industry has come.

Geraldton is the home of Australia’s first utility sized solar farm.  This is great news,proving WA is progressive and forward thinking in providing self sufficient answers to the continual demand for power.

The size of this system is 10MW and we are hoping to see more of these farms continue to pop up all over our great sunny state.