Temperature Control

With Perth’s hot summer in full swing, temperature control has become crucial to keeping those power bills down whilst cooling your home. A temptation in Air Conditioning is to put your Air con down to 16◦ and run the Air Conditioner on full blast, this unfortunately is exactly what not to do when wanting to keep those rising electricity bills down.

When Air conditioners are tested, they are done so to an ambient temperature of 36◦, so when the temperature rises above this, the air conditioner efficiency drops and makes that desired 16◦ unattainable. This causes the compressor to work harder for a temperature that cannot be achieved; this is why when setting your temperature for cooling it should always be done to 24◦.

Whilst this may be the most common way for the Air Conditioners in Perth to cost you an ‘arm and a Leg’ there are other factors that need to be considered when trying to make your system more energy efficient.

  • Cleaning your filter – remember if your filter is 10% blocked then your system is having to work 10% harder to get the air back to the unit.
  • Keeping the outdoor unit clear and clean – because your Air Con unit draws air in from the rear of the unit any obstacles or obstructions will force the unit to work harder.
  • Keeping the fins clean on the rear of the outdoor unit – this is only something to be weary of on older system as they may have developed dirt over the years. If you find that the fins are dirty give them a gentle rinse.

Hopefully now you can have peace of mind when running your air conditioner through these hot Perth summer months.

Helpful hint: For every set degree below 24, will cost you 10% more in running costs.