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Support & Warranty

Customer satisfaction means more to Solaire Connect than anything else. Since our establishment in 2009 we have worked tirelessly to improve our processes and procedures to ensure that customers receive industry leading pre and post sale customer service.

Every enquiry is dealt with promptly, even though Solaire Connect tries to deliver perfect standards every time, unfortunately there will be times when our customers are not happy with us. If you have a complaint or questions please have a look through our support tab to see our FAQs, tips for best managing your system and warranty. If you are still unable to find the information that you are after call our office on 9300 9324 or email


It is very common for companies to not supply the official manufacturer’s warranty white paper, at Solaire Connect we try to upload all relevant Warranty documents but if you find that we have not listed the products you are looking for on the site, please contact us and we will send that information through. Click below to access the manufacturer warranties on the products that we use. Please read through these carefully to ensure you are happy with the products you are choosing.

Product Warranties