2nd Biggest Manufacturer of Inverters…… GLOBALLY

Why SunGrow?

– Over 17 years experience in PV inverters

– Top 2 in the world based on IHS research. Top 1 in Asia-Pacific area.

– Sungrow is the only inverter manufacturer company listed in China stock market.

– 8000MW installed globally and 1000MW installed in Europe, Australia and North America.

– Comprehensive after sales service system in Australia.

– Dual MPPT products with WiFi-monitoring system.


– Dual MPPT (for 4.6 and 5k). Compatible with different residential rooftop system design.

– Max. Input voltage 600V, compatible with different PV panel and string design.


– Only 9kg (4kW inverter), easy for handling and installation.

– Easy replacement and transportation, reduce the trouble of service.


– Access to home WiFi system, easy to enjoy the online monitoring.

– Wireless communication design, intelligent mobile phone local and remote monitoring.