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Solar Panels Perth

The Benefits of solar power and rooftop solar panels for Perth residents and businesses are:

  • Dramatically reduce your monthly energy costs, in some cases with batteries power bills can be eliminated
  • Improve resale value of your Perth property
  • Solar panels create no pollution
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Energy security & reliability – with solar panels your property will not be at risk of energy restrictions or blackouts during heatwaves

Solaire Connect believe in providing amazingly well priced solar power solutions from award winning manufacturers that lead the market place.

Our West Australian company has an unrelenting drive to offer the highest levels of customer service and strict installation guidelines. With this you have a winning combination that positions Solaire Connect as one of the most respected solar power companies in WA.

REC Solar Panels

Our preferred solar panels are the Inter-solar 2015 award winner REC Twin Peak panel.

They offer us a unique selling proposition that other products just can’t offer. Please see the video below.

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SolarEdge Inverter

  • Industry leading 99% efficient inverter and intersolar award winner.
  • 12 year inverter warranty, 25 year optimiser warranty.
  • Optional extras available such as, immersion controllers and dry contacts. Divert surplus energy to your hot water system, pool pumps and other home appliances.
  • Batteries can be simply added at a later date.
  • Allows you to place panels in any orientation.
  • Will deliver around 5-25% more yield than standard grid tie inverters.
  • Difficult installations are made easy with the flexible strings.
  • Panels will be monitored by Solaire Connect, allowing us to flush out under performing panels. These would go unnoticed with a grid tie inverter.
  • You can monitor and control the system with any hand held device via the energy management suite.

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Fronius Inverter

Our inverter of choice is the Austrian manufactured Fronius Primo/Symo.

The Fronius inverter was recently singled out for praise, receiving the PLUS X AWARD in six out of seven categories. What’s more, it was crowned the “Best Product of 2015/2016” in the “Energy and Lighting” category.

On top of these awards Fronius have extended their warranty from five years to a massive ten years on all grid tied inverters up to 30kW (this is valid for all installs before March 31st 2017).


Your PV systems can be monitored by Solaire Connect, analysed and compared quickly. Using the Fronius online portal  Solar.web. real time system data can be accessed and is clearly presented. It also stores all data and production so you can easily compare how your system is performing to previous years.

Best of all… it’s free!!!

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