Solar, stopping those rising power costs!

Recently the solar industry has seen an influx of enquiries due to the announcement of increasing power costs, along with people feeling the squeeze of the budget cuts. With so many Perth solar power companies promoting different size products and customers’ needs varying so greatly, how are you supposed to know what system will work best for you. With cost of systems coming down dramatically potential consumers are now purchasing the biggest system they can to help counter act any potential increases in their own consumption, this allows for those further increases promised by the government.


These factors lead us to the 6kW system that has become so popular among the solar conscious people of Perth. Does this mean I lose my 8c? Absolutely not, by maintaining the western power approved 5kW inverter, consumers are still eligible for REBs (renewable energy buyback scheme). The benefits of maximizing the 5kW inverter are to enticing for potential consumers:

–          Maximizing your inverter in the winter months, the 4 extra panels act for compensation for the reduction in light during the winter months.

–          Entitled to more rebate allowing great specials and even price matching a 5kW system.

–          Reduced return on investment time

–          With such coverage of panels on the roof, your house will experience greater insulation.

Although, like any great solar power system, things to consider and beware of are shading, roof space and subject to western power approval.

Perth solar power companies are now hoping that Tony Abbott sees the light and holds off on reducing the current rebate that is place.