Solar Power Servicing

Domestic solar power installations in Perth, from the initial boom in the industry are now quickly reaching the 5 year mark. What does this mean for companies, consumers and Manufacturers?

Well quite simply, the early installations of 2009 have seen their inverter warranty elapse. There has been an alarming amount of companies “shutting their doors” over the past two years. How many companies have set up a service division? And how do consumers deal with future problems that occur?

There are several issues for consumers that are in that position of requiring a replacement inverter. If you are on the 40c FIT (feed in tariff) agreement, then you cannot replace the inverter with a higher kW rating. Solar grid inverters are not all identical in their design. Some 3kW inverters are single string and some are two string. Changing from a single string inverter to a two string can be extremely expensive. This can result in rewiring the full DC side of the consumers system to comply with regulations.

At Solaire Connect, we have taken steps to create a service division. Unfortunately for consumers, there are far too many companies, and more recently, one man bands, that have left the industry, leaving their customers to find alternative companies to repair their systems. The major problem for consumers is, did their installation company buy direct from China or buy from a third party in Perth?

If the installation company imported direct from China, it would be almost impossible for the customer to deal with the manufacturer in China. This highlights the importance to align yourself with a reputable company, that seeks to use suppliers whose warranty is held in West Australia. Perth solar power consumers are now seeing the troublesome implications of dealing direct with China. However Solaire Connect continues to use products warranted by a third party based in  West Australia.

A common solar power service would usually consist of:

–          Cleaning of the panels

–          Inverter check

–          Panel + Inverter fittings check

–          Panel + Inverter efficiency check

–          Ensuring all DC cables are secured and not exposed to sunlight