Solar Power Perth

Supporting a Sustainable Future for WA

Renewable energy and sustainable design initiatives have come a long way over the last decade to encourage builders and home owners to take a proactive approach when undertaking new builds and extensions. Furthermore, the Australian Government has helped support this proactive approach by offering attractive rebate deals to those early-adopters who invest in solar power. The progressive step from passive solar design to targeted solar utilisation has seen a large quantity of investors embrace the payback/rebate scheme. Due to the large number of applicants claiming the payback/rebate scheme, the sustainability driven initiative had been deemed financially unsustainable by the Australian Government. The scheme has since been restructured and has seen a gentle increase in solar power installations. Despite the fluctuation in financial rewards (which are still present), a large number of builders are also offering their clients the option to join the renewable energy game. The cost effective, long term investment has been encouraged to preserve the movement into sustainable housing.

Since the recent senate election, Tony Abbott now has the power to put in action, any changes to the current rebate in place. Although it is suggested that he cannot remove the rebate completely, it is well documented that he can reduce the rebate drastically at any time. With current lead times for western power approvals becoming more prolonged, potential consumers who haven’t already committed to a company will be left sweating. Historically, the government has honoured any quote signed before the announcement of a reduction for 12 months; this gives allowances for any potential solar customers who are currently in the building stage.
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