Save on your Air Con today with Hydrocarbons

Solaire Connect have signed a business alliance to include Hydrocarbon retro fits to domestic and commercial Air Conditioning and refrigeration systems. The benefit of retro fitting the gas in your Air Conditioning or refrigeration system is to save between 25 – 35% in running costs.

With the onset of global initiatives to reduce greenhouse gasses, ozone depleting substances, and the need for energy efficiency in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, the Solaire Connect  team came together with the aim of marketing and distributing a range of natural and environmentally friendly refrigerants that will lower the running costs of you existing or new Air conditioning system.

This is an exciting addition to our existing business model of roof top solar and Air Conditioning installations. We look forward to increasing all of our customer’s disposable income and lose the worry of how much does this appliance cost me to run.

What energy savings can I expect from using Hydrocarbon Refrigerants?

Hydrocarbon Refrigerants are not just good for the environment; they can also save you up to 35% on your energy costs. Air-conditioning systems are the largest consumers of electricity for any building. The energy used in cooling generally accounts for 60% of a building’s total energy consumption. By converting to Hydrocarbon Refrigerants with Solaire Connect, substantial energy savings can become a reality.

Their operating pressures are about 20% lower than that of Fluorocarbon Refrigerants (found in standard Air Conditioners). These lower operating discharge pressures reduce the work that the compressor has to do thus reducing wear and tear. This can and will extend the working life of your equipment.

All these advantages equate to an energy saving of between 15% and 54%.

How do Hydrocarbon Refrigerants affect the environment?

The rate of climate change expected over the next 100 years is unprecedented in human history. It is difficult to grasp the full meaning of Global Warming as we rush to the next event of the day, yet face it we must or else allow the inevitable to happen. There is nothing new in extinction.

Hydrocarbon Refrigerants are one of those technologies that can make a big difference. Not only to the environment but also significantly reducing your energy costs.

Do you have to change the whole air conditioning unit when converting over to hydrocarbon refrigerants?

No. Only the chemical refrigerant in the unit will be replaced. However, every unit is different therefore inspections and assessments are important before conversion.

Is it really that good?

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are not only environmentally friendly they also save the consumer huge amounts of money. Many companies worldwide have taken the use of Hydrocarbon refrigerant and are reaping the continued benefit and profit.

Here are some of the global leading companies who have made the switch

  • McDonalds – Australia
  • Tesco’s supermarket – UK
  • Sainsbury’s supermarket – UK
  • REWE supermarket – Germany
  • Edeka Supermarket – Germany
  • Tip Top bread – New Zealand
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel – Indonesia
  • Novotel Hotel – Indonesia
  • J W Marriott Hotel – Indonesia
  • Watson’s Stores – Singapore

These leading companies have seen the value in Hydrocarbon retro fitting to all of their refrigeration products, leading to lower overheads and higher profits.

  • Here are some of the local WA companies that are already saving big.
  • BHP Billiton – Australia
  • Fortescue Metals Mines – Australia
  • Citibank – St Georges Tce, Perth
  • Perth Medical centre – Perth
  • Elite Food Company – Malaga
  • Naturaliste Vintners – Carbunup
  • Willy Bay Resort – Wilyabrup

And of course one of the largest ice cream companies in the world.

Ben and Jerrys









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