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Solar Servicing

For all systems

Got an issue with your system or want to make sure everything is in working order? Solaire Connect has a service technician waiting and ready to look over your system for you.

Once our team has assessed your system, you will receive a report with all our findings, readings and recommendations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to get a service?
In 2019 an ABC article showed that 1 in 6 solar installations were sub-standard and 1 in 30 were unsafe. Servicing your system will help avoid potential product warranty issues and system failures, it also gives you the peace of mind that your installation is to standard.
What if you didn't do our install?
After 11 years of business we have seen a lot of companies come and go from the industry. This has resulted in a lot of customers left with no warranty and no one to go to. If you are in this unfortunate position we can help! Our dedicated service division will help detect and potentially rectify the issue all in the one visit.
What if our system is over 2 years old?
After two years, your system will likely require a service and this is exactly what we can help with to ensure you are getting optimal performance. This also ensures potential issues are identified before they result in something larger and more expensive.

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