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Solar Hot Water

Superior design and technology

Our Solar Hot Water systems are designed and built to the highest standards in water heating performance, using only the best technology and materials. Our systems provide the very best efficiency so you can reduce your heating costs and enjoy reliable hot water, all year round.

Premium hot water systems
Reliable and long lasting
Constant hot water
Solar Hot Water
Envirosun Heat Pump

Our conventional Solar Hot Water system can be used for both roof mounted and ground mounted tanks. This option is all down to your preference with both systems providing you with similar savings.

The Enviroheat hot water heat pump represents a leap forward in energy efficiency and is now available in Australia. Produced by the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, the system was initially introduced into Europe over a decade ago and has proven performance in temperatures as low as -7C. The heat pump allows you to keep your roof clear of any panels, so if you are tight for space and wish to have both solar power and an energy efficient hot water system. We offer both the 200L and 250L tanks to suit a range of requirements.

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