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Battery Systems

Start storing your energy

STOP selling your power back to the grid for $0.07 and start storing that energy. Battery solutions are becoming more affordable by the day and Solaire Connect continues to help customers save thousands of dollars along the way. Companies have pushed and driven the market with cheap alternatives but these products will fail over time and cost customers thousands in service and repair work. Solaire Connect has again aligned themselves with quality manufacturers and suppliers who will stand the test of time and provide customers with efficient and long lasting energy solutions.

Solaire Connect’s portfolio of battery installers is growing by the week which in turn is minimising our customers’ dependency on the grid. Solar Power is a long term investment, so minimise any potential headaches and meet with one of our consultants today to discuss your battery requirements.

Check out our Battery FAQ’s below for more information.

Premium battery systems
Reliable and long lasting
Save money through stored energy

Who we work with

Redback Tech

BYD is the largest producer of battery cells in the world and produce more electric vehicles than anyone. Because of the scale and 25 years of business history, they are able to offer a product that is price competitive but high quality as well. When combined with a Fronius GEN24, the BYD battery storage becomes a versatile and intelligent solar solution for single and 3 phase homes.

  • Comprehensive 10 year warranty
  • The BYD Battery-Box Premium meets the highest global safety standard in the world (VDE 2510-50)
  • Battery has a modular structure and can be expanded in steps of 2.8 kWh, giving you the option for your storage to be expanded on at a later date
  • LiFePO battery cell chemistry allows for more cycles (1 cycle is a full charge and discharge) with less degradation over time.
  • Simultaneous supply of loads and charging of the battery in the event of a power outage
  • Sophisticated whole home backup power solution, with automatic switch to backup power in the event of grid failure

Founded in 1997 and with over 154GW installed worldwide as of December 2020, Sungrow is the world’s most bankable inverter brand. As a leader of innovation in the solar industry. Sungrow possesses a dynamic R&D team that consists of over 1800 employees.


  • 100% usable energy
  • 30 A continuous charging and discharging current You can monitor the system with any handheld device.


  • Extendable during lifetime
  • Support 3–8 modules per unit, max. 4 units in parallel, 9–100 kWh capacity range


  • Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Multi-stages protection design plus authorized certification

Built in Germany, the SonnenBatterie is an intelligent storage system designed to store excess solar electricity and automatically adapt the electricity usage in your household to maximise energy independence. When used in conjunction with a solar PV system, a Sonnen solar battery can help reduce your former grid usage by up to 85%, resulting in significant savings. sonnenBatterie is compatible with both single and three phase homes.

Below is an overview of the SonnenBatterie

  • Comprehensive 10 year warranty
  • Industry leading battery effiency of 98%
  • 11kWh battery, 10kWh usable energy
  • Safe and long lasting LFP cells (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • Flexible inbuilt backup capability – whole home backup available on single phase homes
  • Can be easily retrofitted to existing solar systems
  • SonnenApp lets you easily monitor, analyse and control the supply and demand of your household and take complete control of your energy usage.
Redback battery solutions are designed in Australia and tested to endure the harshest Australian weather conditions. With options to suit every home, you can feel secure knowing that Redback’s products are built to last, come with a 10-year warranty, and offer local, Brisbane based customer support.

A Redback home battery system can also provide you and your family protection in a power outage by enabling you to power essential appliances in your home with your stored battery power in the case of a blackout.

Below is an overview of the Redback battery solutions

  • Comprehensive Australian supported 10 year warranty
  • 4.8 -28.4kWh of modular battery storage
  • Back up supply to essential circuits in a black out
  • Safe and long lasting LFP cells (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • Streamlined all in one design
  • Can be easily retrofitted to existing solar systems
  • Install inside or outside

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Solar Batteries work?
Solar batteries work by storing any unused energy you may generate from your solar system, for you to use when solar isn’t available e.g. night time or overcast days.
- Sunlight comes through your solar panels.
- Your inverter converts this energy to AC power, which gets used directly by any appliances or items you might have going during the day.
- The extra power created by the solar panels, which otherwise gets fed to the grid, is used to charge your battery.
- If your battery is fully charged during sunlight hours and you are still generating power, this will be exported back to the grid.
Are Solar Batteries worth it?
Solar batteries can definitely be a worthwhile investment, particularly if your home has a large solar set up that can’t make use of Synergy’s feed in tariff (over 5kW in size). Battery prices have dropped significantly over the past few years and are fast becoming a household staple for homes utilising solar. The payback period will vary across different households but will, of course, be more than if you opted for solar alone, so consider your personal situation before deciding if a home battery unit is right for you. Batteries are great however, at eliminating power bill shocks and saving you money during your peak energy usage periods, like summertime.
How long will my battery last?
If looked after well, a Sodium Nickel Chloride battery should last you approximately 18-20, ending its life with around 60% efficiency. The Sodium Nickel Chloride batteries we stock are BYD and Sungrow.
Similarly, a Lithium-ion battery (Sonnen and Huawei) should last you 15-20 years. Efficiency drops to 80% around the 10-year mark and at 15-20 years it may have dropped to 60% also.
All of the battery brands we stock at Solaire have a 10-year warranty period.
Can I use my battery during a power outage?
Many solar batteries offer a ‘blackout mode’, letting them kick in automatically when a power outage occurs as long as they have enough stored energy. They help to send power to your most essential appliances, like your fridge and freezer.
How many appliances can I run during a power outage?
This is all dependent on what your inverter capability is. On the spec sheets you will see there is a section that specifies ‘Output (Back up Power or Backup)’. Within this section it will give you a maximum rating of amps for the inverter in back up mode and if your load is under this, then the inverter should be able to run the appliance. Typically, Solaire will back up the fridge, TV and light circuit.
Will my battery give me a zero power bill?
Not necessarily. While connected to the grid you will always have a service/connection fee. As for power usage, if you are strategic with your consumption you can make a huge dent into your power consumption, with some of our customers reducing their overall consumption by 90%.

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