Our Difference

Feasibility Survey and Customers Approval

Once you have contacted our industry leading staff and decided Solar is the way forward with reducing those electricity bills. Solaire Connect then conduct a feasibility survey for your property, this gives us the opportunity to see if solar is right for you and what potential savings are on offer.

Design and Application

Lynne and Kev guide our clients through this stage and with their extensive experience and qualifications. When it comes to this stage, our clients just sick back and let us do all the work behind the scenes. Lynne (our office manager) has dealt with applications ranging from 1kW to 40kW on a regular basis for the last 5 years and will be your point of contact through this stage. Working in conjunction with Kev and Western Power Lynne will make the necessary applications with designs from our CEC accredited solar designer. Why is this important to our clients? No business wants to have their attention drawn away from there core focus which is the growth of their own business. This why choosing a company that is not going to hassle you throughout the process but just keep you up to date with friendly reminders.


We understand that having major work done can sometimes disrupt daily procedures for your business, when you go choose Solaire Connect, we ensure that every step is taken not to disrupt your business. On every job Kevan (our commercial site supervisor) oversees proceedings, enforcing any prior concerns our clients highlight and keeps our clients updated with how the installation is tracking. We only ever use CEC accredited electricians, who have extensive experience with installing commercial projects throughout WA. Safety is our main concern not only for our employees but our clients, the importance of site visits prior to the installation allows us to highlight any safety concerns and amend them prior to installation.

After Sales Service

At Solaire, we aren’t the kind of company that is going to just up and leave once we have installed your solar system. We want to form long term relationships with our clients and encourage them to keep in constant contact after the installation to let us know how their system is performing. With every clients we offer an after sales customer care package, this consists of a complimentary 6 month system performance review. After 6 months we ask the customer to contact us with various details that allow us to analysis the output of their system and make sure that it is giving the optimum output for our clients. We also offer a fixed cost servicing package that includes site visits to review the systems performance for the first years and also a panel cleaning service.