Solar Hot Water

We Endorse 2 types quality Hot Water systems; all have individual benefits and applications. These Hot Water Systems have the highest standards in water heating performance, as well as superior design, technology and materials. Our systems provide the very best efficiency so you can slash your heating costs and reap the rewards of boiling hot water, all year round.

The first of the systems that we offer is the conventional Solar Hot Water system, we can provide both roof mounted and ground mounted tanks. This option is all down to the customers preference, both systems provide you with similar savings.

Envirosun Heat Pump

Harvest the free heat from the air, by installing a heat pump you are able to reduce your energy costs by at least 65%. The heat pump allows you to keep your roof clear of any panels, so if you are tight for space and wish to have both solar power and a energy efficient hot water system.

We offer both 200L and 250L tanks too all types of requirements.