Home Automation Powered by Solar!

Batteries are becoming more affordable, now people are looking at different ways to save more money on their electricity bills.

solaredge inverter house

LOOK NO FURTHER! SolarEdge has you covered, Solaire Connect has recently partnered up with SolarEdge to offer customers a flexible solution with individual panel monitoring……. yes you read correctly, individual panel monitoring. SolarEdge DC optimized panels allow you to see your system at panel level, with most string inverters if one panel is not performing to its optimum efficiency it brings all other panels on that system down without the customer even realizing. SolarEdge is one of two inverter manufacturers that actually turns a profit. Most other inverter manufacturers run at a loss which calls in to questions warranty periods and whether or not they will be around to replace any faulty inverters.

What’s on the Horizon?

2018 looks to be any exciting year for both SolarEdge and Solaire Connect with stacks of new products on the horizon. With the release of the:

· Electric Car Charger

· Dry Contacts

· Hot water system (Emersion Heater)

· Backup battery bank (LG Chem)

Although these products may not be necessary or within your budget now, it is important to look to the future and recognize the importance of a system that will allow these features. Just recently the U.K. agreed to outlaw all diesel and petrol cars by 2040 and the sales of diesel and petrol cars dropped by 17%. Commonly Australia will not be far behind in their push for all electric cars, confirming the importance of choosing an inverter capable of adding these features. Turning your home into its own car charging station instead of paying the Fuel companies to fill your car……. charge it for free using the solar power system.

Save more without spending on batteries

Can’t Afford Battery’s? Through SolarEdge’s home integration system, customers are given more control over the surplus power being produced from the solar. Instead of power going back to the grid, customers can have a dry contact installed turning on their washing machine or dryer when the surplus power is available or even heat their water using the excess power.

Don’t stress about not being able to have battery’s at a later date, with the SolarEdge interface you are able to retro fit LG Chem to any of the SolarEdge models and turn your home into its own little grid.