What is E-KwBe?Battery Special

E-KwBe, the energy storage system designed and manufactured by GCL Integration Technology Co., Ltd. System Integration, helps to optimize the use of solar energy system in house, to cut the electricity bill and reduce carbon footprint.

E-KwBe is designed in an aesthetic and modern appearance with more than 10 years lifespan. Its modular design allow multiple unit to be connect easily to extend the storage capacity and reduce the dependency on fossil fuel.

Enjoy the smart energy saving technology from E-KwBe to power your home safely and economically.


Why E-KwBe?

  • Wall-mounted installation with aesthetic design.
  • Light weight, large capacity and high energy density.
  • Excellent water-proof ability (IP54).
  • More than 10 years lifespan with intelligent BMS also comes with a 7 year warranty.
  • Real-time monitoring on battery operation.
  • Lithium battery.


  • Optimise the self-consumption solar power. Panels convert sunlight into electricity to charge E-KwBe for home load.
  • Emergency power, assures power in the event of an outage.
  • Environmentally friendly, maximise the use of free energy from the sun and lower the costly fossil fuel from the grid.
  • Capability of having up to 8 E-KwBe batteries banked up.

Already got a Grid Connect System?

Not to worry, E-KwBe can be retro fitted to any current grid connect system installed in WA, using the Goodwe BPS 2500, Solaire can turn your grid connect system into a battery storage system. This ideally would only work with a 5 or 6kW, any thing below this size would not necessarily have enough generation to meet your daily requirements.
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