Fronius SnapINinverters are market leaders and have won countless awards for the innovative changes they bring to the market place. The three models that Fronius offer Galvo, Primo and Symo all offer the same premium technology to suit whatever your requirement is. 


The Galvo ranges from 1.5kW to a 3kW, this is suited to households wanting smaller systems, it is the smallest of the SnapINinverters that Fronius offer. Now customers no longer have to choose from inferior quality inverters when shopping in the 1-3kW range, this inverter comes with a host of other smart features make the Fronius Galvo one of the most future-proof inverters in its class: for example, the integrated datalogging, the simple connection to the internet by WLAN, or the
plug-in card technology for retrofitting additional functions.


Ranging from 3kW through to 8kW, this ‘single phase’ inverter perfectly completed the SnapINinverter range when it was released in to the Australian market. Containing all the usual industry extras with the data logging and with a maximum efficiency of 97.8%, look no further than the Primo for your single phase property.


Got a three phase property? no problem! The Fronius Symo is the bench mark for three phase inverters with its maximum efficiency of 98.1% efficiency. The Dynamic Peak Manager (which is a feature in all 3 models) also enables the inverter to generate more output with shaded systems than traditional string inverters.

More than just an inverter
The SnapINverter generation has changed the way we interact with our inverters. With on-board WIFI (or with the included LAN port), you can easily connect any of SnapIN range to their network at home. This however is only part of the picture. Fronius’ outstanding free web service, Solarweb, enables customers to see their production figures via the internet from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, free iPhone and Android apps make accessing this data a breeze. The open communication protocol and energy management function enables you to integrate easily to components from third party suppliers and optimise the self consumption of power.

Fronius Smart Meter

This device will enable Solarweb to show you not only how much power you’re producing, but how much you’re using in the house – even in real-time. With the Fronius Smart Meter installed, you can switch on any device and watch your consumption change instantly. You can also view reports on how much power you’ve used, exported and imported from the grid. This is vital information for those considering batteries down the track. The new SnapINverter generation makes all this possible, and it’s taking solar inverters to a whole new level.

Austria Leading The Way!

Fronius have been heavily involved in the solar industry – both in research and in development – since 1992. Their aim is to revolutionise the energy supply of the planet to achieve energy self-sufficiency. With a focus on quality, and dedicated time spent on researching solar storage solutions, Fronius are a company striving for excellence and revolution. We stand behind Fronius as a quality supplier of inverters and are on hand to discuss Fronius inverters for your solar solution.

At Fronius, their goal is clearly defined: to be the technology and quality leader. With around 3,000 employees worldwide, they shift the limits of what’s possible – with more than 850 active patents  paying testimony to this. While others progress step by step, Fronius innovate in leaps and bounds.

Like all Solaire Connect’s products, our suppliers have their warehouses based here in Perth, so there is no long waiting periods when it comes to having your product installed. This also allows Solaire Connect to have quicker turn around with warranty claims and ensure that our customers receive the best after sales care.

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