FAQ For buying Solar Power

With lots of information and products in the market place available for roof top solar systems here are some of Solaire Connects most asked questions.



Is there still a government rebate available?

Yes, rebates are still available and you can receive up to $3700 for a 5kW system.

Who claims the rebate?

The installation company generally claims the rebate for you and in return they offer a discount on the purchase, so you only pay the short fall.

Is there any paperwork for me to do?

Most companies will do all of the paperwork regarding your rebates, however you will have to fill out a simple form to get your electricity meter changed and to apply for rebs.

What is REBS?

It stands for Renewable energy buyback scheme which is where Synergy pays you for all of the excess power that flows back into the grid at a rate of 8.8529 cents per kWh.


*General questions*


Do my panels have to face north?

No, your panels can face east or west. Every degree off north lowers your efficiency. A roof facing east or west loses about 12 %.

My roof has shade, how will this impact the system?

Shade is a problem that can give you up to a 16% loss in efficiency in an hour in the month of June, so large trees or bushes need a regular prune. So yes shade can be a big problem.

How do I work out my savings?

A system that faces north you would expect to generate annually a daily average of 4.4kWh for each kW of panels you put on your roof.

A 1.5kW system will then generate on average 6.6kWh per day. If you use all of this power that is generated that is power that you do NOT pay for.

25 cents per kWh X 6.6 units of solar production = $1.65 savings per day.      $1.65 Saving X 60 day billing period = $99 saving per bill.

What is the difference between panels?

  • A higher level of efficiency, even in poor light conditions, some systems will produce a higher yield meaning more savings.
  • Variable panel warranties and a 25 year performance guarantee
  • Some are resistant to all weather conditions as well as salt spray and ammonia vapours. These are factors to consider when you compare different panels.
  • Some panels are purchased directly from China which can become a problem later on if the supplier is no longer purchasing from that manufacturer.

What should I look for in an inverter?

All you want from an inverter is high efficiency, reliability and a good warranty system to protect your investment, an onsite warranty guarantee is always a helpful addition to be included. Some people always get the cheapest price but with that come’s risk.