Ducted air conditioning vs Multi Split air conditioners. Which is better?

People often start to get quotes on air conditioning before they really know what they want or need. Sometimes the desire for a certain type of air conditioner can be a recommend from friends or family. But how do you know which application is right for you and your family and the layout of your home.

Hopefully this blog will help.

Ducted system

When you purchase a ducted system there are two units (as pictured here). 

One is installed in the roof and the other is installed outside in a convenient low traffic location. These units are connected by two copper pipes and electrical interconnecting cables.

The major advantage of a ducted unit are that you can air condition the whole house using one unit and aesthetically pleasing vents in the ceiling.

Now this is the most common option when it comes to air conditioning the home but what is the down side?

The biggest down side to having a ducted system is people may want to only air condition one room at night. In this event the home owner is going to have a very uncomfortable night due to the thermostat not being engaged by conditioned air. Running the air conditioner in this manner will also cost a lot of money.

So what is the alternative?

Well the best way to air condition the whole home in an area by area scenario would be to install a multi head unit, this type of system can use various room air conditioners installed on to one common outdoor unit.

So for example, if Mum and Dad really want the sleek looks of just having a vent in their bedroom ceiling they could install a mini ducted unit.

In the kids rooms they may want the designer wall splits to keep them cool. The Family and Kitchen area could then have a centrally located ceiling cassette installed in the ceiling for maximum effect and minimal inconvenience.

The choice is yours.









The major benefit of a multi head unit is each room can be air conditioned to the temperature you desire. The other major advantage is if you only want to air condition Bedroom one at night, you only pay to cool that one room. That will reduce the amount of wasted energy.


Each option has its pros and cons. It really is up to the individual circumstances of your home. If you have multiple young children or people living throughout the home then a fully zoned ducted system is probably your best bet.

If you have a smaller family or the brief is to have individually controlled temperatures in each room then the multi head unit could be your best option.

Whatever you choose, make sure you understand what the limitations of your air conditioner are.


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