Daikin Perth Specialists

Greatness Has No Competition

Daikin has been and still are industry leaders in Air Conditioning, constantly leaving their competition in the shadows. With superior efficiency, air supply, cooling and heating capabilities, Daikin continues to be the builders and consumers number 1 choice. Since obtaining a Daikin account in 2013, Solaire Connect continues to work with Daikin to bring the people of Perth the finest quality of comfort they can afford. Complimented with Advantage Air componentry, Solaire Connect is able to not only guarantee Perth’s best installs, but Perth’s best complete system that gives you the customer the control and comfort you deserve.

Daikin inverter air conditioners are more powerful, and more energy efficient than conventional, non-inverter models. Unlike conventional air conditioners, which operate at a fixed speed, constantly starting and stopping the compressor to control room temperature, a Daikin inverter continuously adjusts the power to suit the temperature in the room for a more comfortable, energy efficient home.


Energy Efficient

With traditional non-inverter air conditioners, the compressor’s speed is fixed, so it must cycle on and off to control capacity and room temperature, wasting energy returning the system to operating conditions.  A Daikin Inverter constantly adjusts its capacity, smoothly and efficiently maintaining an even temperature and enabling it to deliver substantial energy savings over non-inverter air conditioners.


Unrivalled Comfort

An air conditioning system with an inverter continuously adjusts its heating and cooling output in response to temperature changes in the room. Once your ideal temperature is reached, a Daikin Inverter continuously adjusts it’s power output to ensure that it is constantly maintained, without the large temperature fluctuations of a non-inverter system. A Daikin Premium Inverter also reduces system start-up time when compared to conventional, or even standard inverter air conditioners, so your optimum comfort levels are achieved more quickly.