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For all your commercial solar needs

Commercial Solar Perth

Personalised approach

Solaire Connect has been servicing the commercial sector since 2012. Specialising in systems up to 500kW, our Commercial department creates extensive evaluations of the energy needs for each individual client.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach as we recognise that every business has different operating hours and different usage patterns. As part of our detailed analysis, our team will create a solution tailored to the energy consumption all with a full financial forecast of your expected returns along with other key information.

Solaire Connects’ primary objective is being able to offer our clients a solar solution with immediate benefits without compromising on quality, workmanship and warranty.

Cash flow positive
Capital purchase
Premium products

This lease-to-own option is designed and created so that you as a customer are in a cash positive situation from day 1.

A tailored finance package that offers;

  • $0 Upfront cost
  • Cash flow positive position from day 1
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Rent the system from 2 – 7 years
  • Installation on leased properties
  • Easy Commercial Approval – no financials required up to $50,000
  • Fixed Monthly Rental Cost (no inflation unlike electricity prices)
  • Own the Solar PV System at the end of the rental term.

Understanding the importance of cash flow, Solaire Connect can help arrange bank finance for every system that we sell regardless of size. Through our regular dealings with banks and brokers, we are able to offer competitive interest rates and always make our primary objective to offer our commercial projects a cash positive finance option. Our extensive knowledge and accreditation’s make us one of the most flexible solar companies to deal with.

For businesses that have funds available to invest back into their business. A capital purchase could be more beneficial.

Cash purchases offer;

  • Immediate Ownership
  • No ongoing Payments or interest
  • GST on purchase claimed in next BAS
  • Tax Depreciation for 20 years (check ATO guidelines)
  • Faster ROI

Premium products are what you get when you talk solar with Solaire Connect. Solar is a long term investment and one that you want to be working at optimum performance for the life of the system. This is why when you have one of Solaire Connect’s Commercial Energy Consultants discuss your energy requirements, we only ever use products that offer you the shortest and most stress free return on investment.

Sample Projects