The Coordinator of Energy to undertake new functions from 1 July 2021, following energy sector governance changes by the WA Government.

The Western Australian energy sector is experiencing rapid change, with new and emerging technologies and business models re-shaping every aspect of the industry.

Keeping up with the evolution of the sector and responding swiftly to energy sector changes is critical to minimise risk and maximise benefits to all energy users and market participants.

From 1 July 2021, new governance arrangements come into effect to improve responsiveness to changes in the sector and make better use of the different skills across the existing governance bodies.

These changes are an important part of the WA Government’s Energy Transformation Strategy, responding to the rapid change underway and planning for the future of our power system.

The new energy sector governance changes include:

  • responsibility for administration of the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) Rules and Gas Services Information (GSI) Rules will transfer from the Rule Change Panel to the Coordinator of Energy (the Coordinator);
  • responsibility for the new rules for the North West Interconnected System will be allocated to the Coordinator;
  • WEM and GSI market development functions, including some reviews of a policy or technical nature in the WEM, will transfer from the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) to the Coordinator; and
  • responsibility for the development of future, periodic Whole of System Plans will be allocated to the Coordinator.

Following on from these changes, roles and responsibilities will be re-aligned such that:

  • the Coordinator, supported by Energy Policy WA, will undertake policy, market development, strategic planning and overall coordination;
  • the ERA will undertake economic regulation and price setting, licencing and compliance monitoring; and
  • the Australian Energy Market Operator will undertake system operation, market operation and associated market administration (e.g. registration, settlement).

Energy Policy WA has worked closely with the Rule Change Panel and the ERA to plan for the transfer of the various functions. From 1 July 2021, Energy Policy WA will welcome the existing staff of the Rule Change Panel support team. Also, the rule change process information for the WEM and GSI, along with all historical documents, will be on Energy Policy WA’s website.

We are also committed to continue engaging with stakeholders on the Pilbara electricity reforms over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition to the new governance arrangements.

To find out more about these changes visit our web page: Gazettal of energy sector governance reforms.

Correct on day of publishing: 22.06.2021


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