One in five Australian households have rooftop solar panels, making Australia the country with the highest uptake of household solar in the world.

Before installing solar panels

  • Consider your current electricity needs. To check your energy usage, refer to a recent energy bill. If you don’t have a bill handy, you can estimate your electricity usage based on your postcode and household size from the Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy website.
  • Choose the right-sized system for your needs.
  • Understand the financials. Talk to your retailer about who will own any feed-in-tariffs or green energy certificates, if they apply. Consider whether using solar will affect your current electricity rate.
  • Check if your solar provider is a signatory to the Clean Energy Council’s Solar Retailer Code of Conduct. This code requires providers to disclose clear and accurate ​information.
  • Check that your solar retailer can provide you with evidence that your new solar panels have been validated as genuine, meet Australian Standards, and have a warranty you can trust.

The Clean Energy Council’s guide to installing solar systems explains technical information that will help you decide on the solar system that is best for you.


Solar panel validation – a government and industry initiative

The Solar Panel Validation Initiative is a partnership between the Australian Government and the Australian solar industry. The initiative aims to protect consumers from non-genuine solar panels.

Solar panel validation has been available since July 2018 and it’s fast becoming an industry standard. There are a number of solar businesses participating in the Solar Panel Validation Initiative with more signing up every month.


Why do I need my solar panels validated?

Unfortunately, a small number of businesses have been importing and installing substandard solar panels to the detriment of consumers and the majority of the wider Australian solar industry.

To be confident that your new solar panels meet Australian standards and have a warranty you can trust, ask your retailer to provide you with evidence that your solar panels have been validated as genuine.

The evidence should provide confirmation that your installed solar panels have been verified as genuine. The record should also include information such as the make and model of your solar panels, their serial numbers, the time and date of validation, and a reference number for your record.


Article originally published by Clean Energy Regulator

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