Gnangara, Western Australia


Operating a Koi Carp farm from his property in Gnangara, Mr. Bennett was experiencing extremely high bills from all of the pumps on his premises. Initially we installed a 5kW to help reduce the bills. Once Mr. Bennett had seen the potential savings from just a 5kW and being extremely impressed with our service, it was with no hesitation that Solaire Connect went back to make it a 10kW system 2 years later. Mr. Bennett now enjoys manageable bills and continues to recommend Solaire to his colleagues and friends.

What we installed:

  • 40kW x 250w Tier 1 Solar panels
  • 2 x 5kW SMA inverters

Co2 equivalent reduction:
12,881 Kg CO2/ year

Energy output per year:
16,060kW/ Year