Cannington, Western Australia


The newly constructed medical centre in Kelvale consists of a doctors and dentist clinic. After receiving several proposals from other Solar suppliers, the committee was not happy with the product and price that had been previously submitted. Solaire Connect was then contacted by the practice manager seeking one last option to put forward to the committee. Kevan (Solaire Connects Director) was able to present a solar solution that ticked all the boxes, offering Conergys German manufactured 250w panels and the German manufactured IPG 5000 inverter. Coming in under budget, Solaire Connect was offered the contact and happily obliged, since having the system installed Kelvale Medical Centre have seen annual savings of $2800.

What we installed:

  • Solar Power System – System capacity 6kW
  • 21 x 250w Conergy Panels
  • 1 x IPG 5000 inverter

Co2 equivalent reduction:
6305kg CO2/ year

Energy output per year:
8083 kWh / year