Balcatta, Western Australia


  • Reducing Overall power consumption by as much as possible little to no-out of pocket cost.
  • Average bills were between $971 – $1,500 Per Month (@ 0.30 cents per Unit)


Considering all factors of feasibility including limited roof space, our solution was to install a 20kW Solar PV System using high-efficiency REC Panels and Austrian Fronius inverter. Additionally for the air conditioners being used for more than 10 hours per day we Converted the inefficient refrigerant in the 8 of the highest use Air-Conditioning units to an environmentally friendly more energy efficient Hydro-Carbon Refrigerant. 

What we installed:

  • 75 x REC 270w Peak Panels
  • 1 x 20kW Fronius Symo Inverters
  • Fronius Monitoring system


  • Average achievement of 70% Reduction of Overall Power Costs
  • 20kW Solar PV
  • 8 air-conditioner hydro-carbon gas conversions
  • A 80% reduction of daylight consumption by installing a 20kw Solar PV System.
  • A 25-30% reduction in running costs from converting to Hydro-Carbon gas for the 8 air-conditioning units
  • Based on a conservative average, the anticipated savings per month ranges from $600-$650 which ultimately saves the business over $7,000 per year, with a 36 month return on investment (ROI)
  • On our Rent to Own option at $420 per month during the Term = Cash flow Positive
  • Reduction of 24,997 kg CO2 / year
  • Annual energy output of 32,120 kWh