Western Australia has one of the most ideal climates for solar systems on our planet with its blazing sunshine, prompting an increased demand for renewable energy through a growing number of household and business installations.

With this on top of the increase of power bills across the whole of Western Australia, people and businesses alike are continually turning to solar as a cheaper option. Not many people are experts on solar rebates and how much they could be saving you, but if you love saving that extra little bit of money and want to invest in solar panels, it’s time to start seeing how much you could be saving.

So, what is a solar rebate?

Firstly, it might be useful to establish what a solar rebate actually is so that you can understand the topic better. A solar rebate is the saving you gain from the cost of your whole solar system upfront as an incentive to invest in renewable solar energy. This kind of fund is most commonly provided by the government to persuade more homeowners to invest in environmentally friendly clean energy. These rebates are often seen as a kind of financial incentive or subsidy, helping people to claim a percentage of total project costs as a credit on the federal tax return. This has certainly increased the number of Western Australian homes using this method of energy to date.

What solar incentives and discounts are offered?

Small businesses and households in Western Australia which install a small renewable energy system, such as solar panels, should be able to receive benefits under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. If your system is eligible, this allows for the creation of Small-scale Technology Certificates which can certainly be redeemed through the assignment or selling of them.

How much money can you save with solar and solar rebates?

How much you can save by switching to solar depends on your current usage and access to government incentives and grants. However, Solaire Connect’s free detailed assessments can provide customers with predicted savings to help customers make the right choice for them.

As for solar rebates in Western Australia, you can expect to decrease the price of a 6.6kW system by a possible $3,700, with the number depending on the size of your solar system. This whopping amount of savings comes in the form of Small-scale Technology Certificates. However, customers should note that you can only receive this rebate if the inverter and solar panels which you buy are approved by the Australian Clean Energy Council.

Whilst Western Australia has limited energy rebate schemes compared to other states and there are no available upfront rebates beyond those already offered by the federal government, businesses and residents can still be rewarded with benefits from feed-in tariffs. Even with its limited scheme, Western Australia has a lot to offer customers in terms of saving that all-important cash, making it a worthwhile consideration to check out your options in solar today.

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