This is the question we get asked 15-20 times a day. It’s the big question everyone wants to know. But with so many different products, different prices and different options, it is hard to distinguish between whats overpriced, what is a bargain deal and what is a big red flag.

This picture below was taken from one of our industries most trusted companies. Solar Quotes. The recent prices were updated as of November 2019.

How much does solar cost - Solaire Connect - Perth Australia

Now, consider that the vast majority of systems now are hitting around the 6-6.6kW mark, we can look at what a systems average cost is at the low end. $5,200. Every week we are speaking to people who have been quoted around the $3,000 mark for an irresistible deal.

When prices sit way below the average, you need to start to ask the questions:

Why is this so cheap?
What corners are they cutting?
Are the products actually going to perform and last?
Is this solar company going to perform and last?

And remember…

The solar will be sitting on your most valuable asset (house), is it worth risking the potential of fire, water leaks and/or a system that will need replacing in 3-5 years time?