What should I look for in a solar installer?

There are loads of solar installers out there so finding the right one can be a difficult decision. There are several things to consider in your search for a solar installer. You want to ensure the cost is fair for both the solar system and installation. Cheaper solutions often don’t perform well over time and need to be replaced. For this reason, Solaire Connect only install the most premium products. Aftercare support is also vitally important should any issues arise. You want to ensure there are warranties in place and a team on the ground to speak with you or come out to visit. Other considerations include whether the installer has been reprimanded for false advertising by the ACCC, if any installations have failed a government inspection, and if a Clean Energy Council accredited installer is completing your installation. Know that you’re in safe hands with Solaire Connect for all of this!


What is the best size solar system for me?

This is a difficult question to answer without all the facts. There are various factors to assess outside of your current energy bill. Our team will take the time to understand how you use electricity in your home, how often you are there, and identify the opportunities where you stand to save the most. Our free in-person or virtual assessment ensures you are only provided with the best solution and quote for your requirements.


How much money can I save with a solar system?

This is a great question and one we hear daily. This all depends on your current usage, current situation, system size, and whether you are eligible for government grants and solar incentives. Our free detailed assessment will delve into all of this and provide you with an estimated saving.


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