Founded in 2006, SolarEdge (Israeli based) is one of the most popular inverters in the world. It is well-known for the ‘Optimisers’ which allow individual panel monitoring and individual panel optimisation. I will explain both over the following sections.

The SolarEdge inverters have the ability to generate more power over the lifetime of the system than an ordinary string inverter. This is partly due to the fact the HD wave model was awarded the highest efficient inverter in the world. Making it one of the best performing inverters around.

SolarEdge have led the way with technology advancements over the years and recently released their single-phase inverter combined with an EV charger! This inverter uses both solar and grid power charge up to four times faster than a typical Level 1 charger.

The down side to SolarEdge is that to have these features does cost slightly more than an ordinary set up. If you do want to future proof your system, be able to trouble shoot and monitor with greater accuracy, that extra cost is definitely worth it.

You can read more about SolarEdge products by CLICKING HERE

Individual Panel Monitoring

Most string inverters offer some form of monitoring platform to check on your systems performance and to get notified if there are any issues. There are even smart meters that you can purchase which will show you consumption data. The standard information supplied is fairly basic and does not identify under-performing panels. Unless you were to get an electrician to come out and check the panels.

SolarEdge however, does monitor each panel and the level of its performance. This is extremely beneficial if you was to have birds roosting nearby, a failed panel or very dirty panels.

At Solaire Connect, we have our team check our customers systems to make sure everything is working well.

Panel level monitoring ensure 100% extraction of energy and transparency of performance.

As standard, SolarEdge comes with the ability to monitor the production of your system. For a small cost you can upgrade to the consumption monitoring so you can see what your system is generating, what you are consuming at your property, and what you are putting back into the grid.

Individual Panel Optimisation

Have you heard of the saying, ‘You are only as strong as your weakest link?

This is the same effect a standard string inverter. If one panel is shaded, dirt covered or just not working properly, it will cause the rest of that string to drop to the level of output as the affected panel.

By having each panel individually optimised, you avoid this issue and only the affected panel will drop in output. This can amount to a massive difference in savings throughout the life of your system. Optimisers also help each panel generate and convert slightly more power, adding to more savings overtime

If your roof has different pitches and multiple orientations, an optimised system will allow you to install on these different areas without affecting performance. A traditional string inverter would be unable to be installed in this situation without losing output.

High Efficiency

Last year, SolarEdge won the Edison Award for the HD WAVE model. This inverter broke the record with a 99% efficiency rating.

Meaning more power generated for a lower cost.

Efficiency is a huge factor in solar pv. If an inverter has a low efficiency then more power being generated from dc power to usable ac power will be lost. Over the lifetime of the system, this will amount to a lot of potential savings.

The industry’s top performing inverters generally sit around the 95%-98%

You can view the full article on their award by CLICKING HERE


Manufacturers here in Australia come and go all the time. Some because their products are shoddy and are no longer permitted, and some due to the company’s decision to pull out of the competitive market here.

Either way, just like our panel providers, inverter manufacturers need to have a solid track record of reliability, customer service and a good financial position.

SolarEdge have been around for over 20 years and have and have won dozens of awards throughout their time. They lead the way with innovation and are continuing to grow their market presence.

Their inverters come with a 12-year warranty. And optimisers a 25-year warranty.

They also have a sales and support office here in Melbourne which is ideal for both consumer and suppliers


This year, SolarEdge has become one of our most popular products from many of our happy customers.

SolarEdge continue to improve their products with constant improvements and innovation.

We highly recommend looking into SolarEdge when choosing products for your solar system. It may cost you slightly more in the beginning, but over the life of your system, plus the reliability, the extra cost is way worth it.

We are approved SolarEdge installers, so if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.