Talk To A Specialist

Paul Williams – Commercial Business Manager

Driving the Commercial division, is BDM Paul Williams, his professional approach helps Solaire Connect establish and build relationships with major clients on a national level. Whilst Paul’s background is in Asset management and property, he was quick to apply the necessary skills he has acquired to our Commercial department. While Paul is on the frontline conducting feasibility surveys for businesses, he is also making sure that he is up to date with any changes within the industry. With Paul’s financial background, our clients know they are getting a service with their best financial interests at heart, after all solar is an investment.

Having developed relationships with different banks and brokers, Paul has made Solaire Connect’s commercial department mouldable to any of our clients requirements. Before you go accepting that your electricity bills are high, contact Paul and let him come out to discuss what Solaire can do to help reduce your outgoings and increase annual profits.


Kevan Towers – Site Supervisor 

Self-employed since he was 21, Kevan has found himself working and succeeding in several industries. Starting as a plumber based in London but contracted all around the UK, Kevan eventually made his base Middlesbrough. Establishing his own successful plumbing and heating business, Kevan won several major contracts, including major contracts for Lyons Tetley. He continued to grow the business until the early 90’s.

Opting for a change in lifestyle, Kevan and his family packed their bags and headed for the beautiful beaches of Perth. Once in Perth, Kevan had a change of industry and favoured Air Conditioning, becoming a fully qualified refrigeration mechanic. Becoming one of the most sort after installation teams in WA, Kevan expanded his team and Solaire Connect evolved.

Within Solaire Connect, you will find Kevan predominately acting as the site supervisor/inspector for our commercial department. With his keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge of the construction industry, Kevan’s main focus is making sure that our clients installs are run problem free and to the highest quality. Not pulling himself away from the company’s core business, Kevan is also a part time member of the sales team, assisting in the design and sales of both the Solar and Air Conditioning.