Why choose Solaire Connect install you air conditioning

  1. Solaire Connect are NOT a sales company. We only have licenced technicians that work through the sales, construct and delivery process with their customers. Most companies employ salesmen looking to make a sale and earn their commission. The issue with this, is the priorities of the consultant are selfish and the actual workings and efficiency of the system are secondary.
  2. Experienced with all facets of air conditioning. Kevan leads the team and has installed all brands and types of air conditioning systems. Not only that, Kevan lives with reverse cycle air conditioning. He understands air flows and temperatures and passes on his tips and tricks to having a more comfortable property with lower energy costs.
  3. Installation excellence. As a company that have installed air conditioners for over 20 years Kevan has grown multiple installation teams to work to the highest standards in the industry. Equally important is the teams cleanliness, attention to detail, friendliness and communication.
  4. Products. Many people ask which brand is the best. The truth is that the top brands are very similar in quality. The most important factor is the installation company. Solaire Connect are knowledgeable, experienced and conscientious. Fujitsu have an ongoing pledge to continuously improve their already market leading after sales service. This makes for a perfect match.
  5. Deals. This October and November marks Solaire Connect and Fujitsu’s silly season. Fujitsu are offering 5 years interest free with zero upfront payment and a 5+2 year warranty on the ducted units. Whilst Solaire Connect are offering 15% off the retail price and a FREE system health check prior to the winter start up. The winter start up health check is another way that Solaire Connect are dedicated to ensuring that your system has been installed to the highest specification today and forever.