Samsung Products


Indoor Unit

The indoor unit, hidden from view, also contains a heat exchanging coil that cools the air in your house in cooling mode and warms it in heating mode. A fan then blows the conditioned air through the ducts installed in your roof space to the outlets in the ceiling of each room.


Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit contains the Samsung Smart Inverter compressor which circulates refrigerant to the indoor unit and back again. The unit also contains a heat exchanging coil and a fan which blows air across the coil.


A stylish and intuitive controller makes it easy to select desired temperature and fan speeds. Premium controller models also include a number of advanced features such as LCD back-lighting and time scheduling.



High Wall Split

Samsung’s split systems provide year round comfort for both summer and winter while offering great air quality. Included in the new line-up is the introduction of an Ionizer, Quiet Mode and a host of features.

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