Air Con Products Moving in Leaps and Bounds

Many industries have improved their components over the past 5 years, but very few have taken the strides that domestic air-conditioning have made.

Reverse cycle air-conditioning, as recently as 5-10 years ago, was noisy, had unsightly components, archaic controls and was extremely expensive to run.

Now with the aid of inverter technology, not only are the condensers so much quieter, but in many cases they operate on single phase power. This eliminates the costly conversion to three phase power upgrades, which are extremely expensive.

Probably the biggest improvements are in the controls. Gone are the days of crude, on/off switches controlling the 240v zone motors. Thankfully technology has traded the archaic switches for digital touch pads and 24v motors.

Easy to operate, the touch pads have the ability to zone 10 rooms or areas on a single pad. For the modern tech savvy generation, the system can now be controlled by their smart phone! The zone control pad, allows the consumer to alter each zone to deliver the required airflow to individual rooms. Individual room temperature control is also now possible, resulting in reduced running costs.

Manufacturers of components such as ducting and diffusers, have also improved their products significantly. The most common, square multi-directional diffusers, are now almost flush to the ceiling. There is a range of available diffusers, including circular and linear grilles, to suit the consumers taste. All ducting is now fire rated, this once again give the consumer further protection especially when considering the Perth air conditioning industry and install conditions.

The ugly return air grilles with inferior filters, have also been replaced by triple layer filters, with easy release catches, to make cleaning much more manageable.

Refrigerated reverse cycle air-conditioning suits all types of weather conditions, including humid areas of Australia. It is recommended that the system is set at 24c for the best economy.

All these strides to improve the functionality of the equipment we use and the overall presentation of the product. Air conditioning in Perth is continuing to grow and with the recent boom in building industry, new home owners are now getting the very best in air conditioning products/technology.