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There are lots of options out there

During the early days of the solar boom it was more important for companies to have big offices, new cars and overpaid high pressure salesmen instead of a realistic idea that the boom could go bust. And it did.

The solar industry has been called the “solarcoaster” because of its continuous ups and downs and ease for some companies to get caught up in selling a large number of jobs at the lowest cost. This coupled with products that can’t withstand the demands of a harsh Australian summer results in products failing, labour warranties falling over and companies exiting the industry.

At Solaire Connect, we can confidently back our warranties which has seen thousands of customers through our thirteen plus years of operating. We believe there is a very simple key to our longevity and success in an industry that has seen so many stumble and fall. That key is calculated growth with reliable products and service.

Industry leaders

Solaire Connect is based in the Northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. We insist on supplying only top quality components for our customers. For that reason we have aligned ourselves with the industry leading suppliers and partners within solar.

Solaire Connect started life as a sub-contracting business owned and operated by the Founders, Kevan Towers and his sons, Kev Towers, David Swales and Ben Towers. Office Manager and wife to Kevan, Lynne Towers, identified an opportunity in the renewables market back in 2009 whilst working for the Western Australian power company, Synergy. The following 10 years have provided Solaire Connect with the industry experience and product knowledge to sharpen our service offering, maintaining high standards of customer service, and ensuring our customers are looked after like family.

We believe that a successful installation is only a small part of our service. We pride ourselves on the after sales support system that we employ. Our professional design team works closely with our customers and builders to ensure the best results with minimal stress.

Our reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity. We ensure you understand all the jargon associated with the respected industries and keep our grid connect clients informed throughout the entire application process.

We ensure quality products and workmanship by using installers and designers accredited by the peak body of the solar industry, the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

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