Abbott To abolish rebate

With the re-occurring rumour that the solar rebate will be abolished for good, people are now in a frenzy to ensure they don’t miss out. All solar companies are now preparing themselves for one last boom in the solar market after hearing the news on Monday that Abbott wants the rebate removed completely. This decision was after several proposals to simply reduce the rebate and keep a smaller incentive for people to go solar. Since the release of the Warbeton report stating that Tony Abbott is looking to revise the current sustainable energy goal, the solar industry knows now that the writing is well and truly on the wall.

So what does this mean for system pricing? Currently a 6kW commands a $3700 discount on the price. Recently Solaire Connect run a special of $4900 after government rebate for a 6kW system, if the rebate was to be taken away, the new price of this system would then be $8600. Although solar power will never lose its enticement, the rebate being removed will certainly take the shine away from a product that 1) saves the environment and reduces carbon omissions and 2) reduces the financial strain on Australian families that experience high electricity bills. All is not lost for solar, new innovative programs such as solar leasing (a program Solaire Connect are currently offering) can also help protect families and businesses from any future increases.

If you are worried about missing out on the current rebates, you still have time; anyone who has signed with a company or has an application in with Synergy will be entitled to the current rebate. No longer is this a sales ploy in order to get your signature but a harsh reality that not only a growing industry must come to terms with; but struggling families who will be at the mercy of Synergy and their rates. With the rebate being removed and Synergy continuing to have a monopoly of the suppliers industry, the people of WA will lose even more control of their outgoings. What we are urging our fellow green ambassadors, is to sign any local petitions that are floating around on social media or visit the CEC website and join the fight against cutting the rebate.