Perth Solar Power

A common question we are asked at Solaire Connect is

‘Is my roof suitable for solar power?’ – 99% of the time our answer is ‘yes’. The success of solar power in Perth has largely been attested to the quality of roof size, pitch and shape. Perth’s relatively new foundation as a City and its vast recent expansion of new suburbs/homes has meant life for Perth solar installers has become much simpler with installs on new homes becoming the majority of the work for solar power in Perth.

The best orientation of solar panels in Perth is to face north but we often install panels on the east or west, your overall solar power yield will be down by around 12% but you will increase your hours of usable solar power supply. Many people choose this option of splitting their panels over two orientations because they may have a high load in the morning (getting the kids ready for school) and a high load in the afternoon, (kids return from school) so it makes sense to have your solar panels orientated to suit your electrical time of use. While you actually make less power, you use more of your solar power giving you a better return on your investment.

Some other considerations when installing solar panels in Perth are- Is that big tree going to shade my panels through the day?

Do I have a two storey home next door that can shade my roof?

There are many things to look out for when considering installing solar panels in Perth but ultimately, if you can utilise the power from the solar power system in the day you stand to save huge amounts of money on your electricity bills.

A good tool to use is Google Earth – this allows you to see your roof and any potential obstacles that may prevent you from having a system. Most Solar power companies in Perth use tools similar to this, at Solaire Connect we use state of the art technology to measure, design and draw your system to allow our customers to see where the panels will be placed.