The Solaire Team

Kevan Towers – Director (Qualified Plumber and Refrigeration Mechanic)

Self-employed since he was 21, Kevan has found himself working and succeeding in several industries. Starting as a plumber based in London but contracted all around the UK, Kevan eventually made his base Middlesbrough. Establishing his own successful plumbing and heating business, Kevan won several major contracts, including major contracts for Lyons Tetley. He continued to grow the business until the early 90’s.

Opting for a change in lifestyle, Kevan and his family packed their bags and headed for the beautiful beaches of Perth. Once in Perth, Kevan had a change of industry and favoured Air Conditioning, becoming a fully qualified refrigeration mechanic. Making him one of the most sort after installation teams in WA, Kevan expanded his team and Solaire Connect evolved.

Within Solaire Connect, you will find Kevan predominately acting as the site supervisor/inspector for our commercial department. With his keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge of the construction industry, Kevan’s main focus is making sure that our clients installs are run problem free and to the highest quality. Not pulling himself away from the company’s core business, Kevan is also a part time member of the sales team, assisting in the design and sales of both the Solar and Air Conditioning.


David Swales – Director (Qualified Plumber) 

Taking a very active part in ensuring quality throughout the whole sale process in taken, David is onsite every day over seeing different jobs. David exceeded throughout his plumbing apprenticeship, with constant acknowledgement for the level of work he was producing. Having a keen eye for quality workmanship and the motto ‘Nothing Beats Perfection’, It is for this reason that one of his primary objects was to develop a checklist that all installers must adhere to, this is why our customers know they are getting the best service money can buy. Although he does like spending time on site, when David is in the office, he is usually taking care of the product selection and ordering. Carefully researching all our products to ensure they are of the best standard, David is always meeting with suppliers and negotiating better costs that we can then offer our fantastic customers.


Kev Towers – Director (Refrigeration Mechanic and CEC Solar PV Designer)

Like the other two directors, Kev started on the tools, installing air conditioners initially in residential then moving more into the commercial sector. Kev was installing major school projects throughout WA, he found himself working his way from the bottom to the top and in no time at all he was soon supervising these projects. Wanting to test himself further, Kev was soon sourced by another company wanting to use his installation knowledge within their office. Moving into a design and sales role, Kev found himself being put through extensive sales and design training from industry professionals, further developing his knowledge.

Once the opportunity to start Solaire Connect arose, Kev then obtained his CEC accreditation for being a Solar PV system designer. He still personally signs off on every job giving our customers the peace of mind that he is over seeing every job. As well as being the CEC accredited designer, Kev also acts as the Sales Manager, working in conjunction with David to offer Perth’s best for value solar systems. Kev personally trains each sales staff member, this gives our sales team the same vision when assisting our customers with their solar needs.

Neil Van Der Walt – Commercial Business Manager

Driving the Commercial division, is BDM Neil Van Der Walt, his extensive knowledge, experience and holistic approach makes him one of the few sort after consultants. Neil’s methodical and professional approach helps Solaire Connect establish and build relationships with major clients on a national level. Previously running two successful businesses in South Africa, Neil understands what it is important to Solaire clients and provides a service second to none. Operating the department as if it was his own, the attention to detail that he applies to every feasibility is something to be respected. Having worked on major commercial solar projects like IGA Bayswater, Whatley Fruit and Veg and the Victoria Plains Shires, Neil is well adapt to whatever size system you require

Using his extensive product knowledge Neil will always ensure clients have peace of mind with the quality of products they are investing in and after sales services being provided. Having developed relationships with different banks and brokers, Neil has made Solaire Connect’s commercial department mouldable to any of our clients requirements. Before you go accepting that your electricity bills are high, contact Neil and let him come out to discuss what Solaire can do to help reduce your outgoings and increase annual profits.

Lynne – Office and Applications Manager

When it comes to being qualified in Western Power and Synergy applications, we don’t think anyone will come close to our Office Manager.  Lynne worked for both companies for 15 years, many of them in the solar department and has a sound understanding of their procedures.  Her core focus is the smooth running of the office and deals with customer applications and all office administration.  Lynne’s head down and get the job done approach is one to be admired and is regularly referred to in our business as the engine that keeps everything moving forward. Always happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding your REBS and WP applications, Lynne is only one phone call away for our customers.