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Solaire Connect strongly recommend the REC or SolarEdge panels combined with the Fronius or SolarEdge inverter. These products WILL last the test of time and give you continuous high yields.



  • Norwegian company. Manufacture out of the world class facility in Singapore.
  • REC rated as #1 on the Altman review score which monitors company’s stability in an extremely competitive industry.
  • 12 year product warranty when installed by Solaire Connect an REC preferred installation professional.
  • Efficiency 17.3%
  • Temperature coefficient Pmax -0.39%/oC (lower the better) works better than other panel in Perth’s hot summer climate.
  • Superior performance if panels are shaded due to clever cell construction.
  • Increased yield with split cell technology. By cutting the cells in half they reduce the resistance in the panel which will allow for more energy flow.
  • Power Tolerance 0~+5%

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Fronius Logo

  • Austrian company. Manufacture out of Austria.
  • Dual trackers for multiple array orientations.
  • 97% inverter efficiency.
  • Wifi connection for continual self-monitoring of the PV system.
  • Access to allow Solaire Connect to permanently monitor the PV system FREE of charge.
  • Additional monitoring of where your power is going via the optional Fronius smart meter.

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