Solaire Connect Commercial offers our customers the various financial options such as

  • Financial Leasing
  • Solar Rental
  • Chattel Mortgage

Solaire Connect have partnered with finance specialist to bring our customers special financing options to allow your businesses to install a solar system with little or no upfront capital outlay.

The benefit to your business from day one is lower electricity costs, ongoing savings and grid inflation protection for the life of the solar. Today’s modern solar system can more than offset the finance repayments suppling lower cost power to your business. This means that financing can be cheaper than purchasing power from the grid (your electricity power provider). Solaire Connect can present monthly cash flow positive position from day one and demonstrate how you can you own your solar system outright after in as little as 3 to 7 years.


Solaire Connect commercial division has a professional relationship with national finance companies that gives us access to various lending institutions who specialise in and understand the solar solution for commercial business. Contact us today as we will demonstrate our business simulator and be ready to assist your with your solar investment.


Chattel Mortgage

The financier advances the total sale price of the solar system and installation to the customer, and the customer takes ownership of the equipment at the time of purchase. The financier then registers their interest over the equipment. Once the contract is completed, the customer has clear title to the equipment.


  • Flexibility ‐ Contract periods and repayment options. A residual value can be added to make payments more affordable.
  • Fixed ‐ Interest rates and repayment amount, so you know in advance for ease of budgeting.


The financier purchases the equipment on your behalf and rents it back to over a fixed period and payment amount. At the end of the rental term you pay one more monthly payment and you own the solar system.


  • Preserve your capital ‐ Keep the cash flow running smoothly, with fixed payments over your choice of term periods and no residual or balloon payments.
  • Flexible for your needs ‐ As the hardware is included, your rental equipment is off the balance sheet, and tax advantages may be possible.
  • Claimable benefits – Maybe 100% tax deductible on repayments

Financial Lease

The financier buys the equipment on your behalf and leases it back to over a fixed period and payment amount with a fixed residual or balloon payment. Speak to your accountant about the potential tax advantages of the leasing option.


  • Flexibility ‐ Contract periods and repayment options.
  • Cash – Maintain your capital for other projects
  • Fixed ‐ Interest rates and repayment amount, so you know your outgoings in advance for ease of budgeting.


Applications for commercial finance submitted or presented by Solaire Lifestyle Pty Ltd are supplied by a third part company, ASM Money Pty Ltd ABN 88 158 031 960 and are subject to credit approval and the terms and conditions of that company.

Any information presented on behalf of Solaire Lifestyle Pty Ltd is only to assist in making an informed decision about a financial product to support your decision and make a purchase. Examples and quotations of saving and various finance offers relate to standard commercial solar PV installations.

All sales presenters/calculators/graphs are guides of estimated gains or savings and are based on standard roof solar installations pricing in the Perth market place by Solaire Lifestyle Pty Ltd.