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Solaire Connect is a Joondalup based energy solutions company with over 20 year’s experience within the Perth Air conditioning industry, servicing residents from Jurien Bay to Bunbury. We offer a highly skilled design and installation team all working under the guidance of our dedicated and qualified project manager. Our industry leading team designs and installs the most efficient system for your individual heating and cooling needs. No longer do you need to worry about the running costs of your air conditioning system.

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Premium Units


Innovators - Regarded as the quiet achievers in the industry, Toshiba are credited with many ground breaking advancements in Air Conditioning. The biggest coming in the last 10 years, when Toshiba released the first inverter technology unit, which reduced running costs and increased efficiency.
Manufacturing Quality - The majority of Toshiba systems are manufactured in Japan and one of the few remaining systems that refuse to cut costs by outsourcing.
Industry Experience - Have been operating in the Air Conditioning industry for over 40 years and continue to be one of the industry leaders in quality and innovation.
Energy Efficient - By having a twin rotary compressor, Toshiba's accurate compressor rotation gives superior energy efficiency complimented with its very powerful operation.
Rapid Heat and Cool Function - Where a lot of units lack the ability to initially cool or heat your home. Toshiba thrives, with its rapid heat and cool function, our customers are never left waiting to be comfortable.
Wide Operating Range - Toshiba's industry changing ability to ramp up and work above its specifications is the main reason we love selling Toshiba. The 13.5kW has the ability to work as a 16kW and outperform other premium systems for a fraction of the cost.
EER - The Toshiba has an amazing EER Rating of 3.42 for their 12.5kW system (the higher, the better).

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Manufacturing Quality - A Japanese company, manufacturing out of Thailand, Daikin have built there reputation on faultless units.
Energy Efficient - There award winning scroll compressor helps set them apart from the rest of the market. Due to the construction of the compressor the unit have improved efficiency and also reduced nice levels.
Range of Systems - Daikin have catalog of options that we can offer our customers to suit anyones budget. From the popular Standard and Premium all the way through to the Premium Plus inverter technology.
EER - The Daikin has an amazing EER Rating of 3.40 for their 12.5kW premium plus system.

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Standard Units


Manufacturing Quality - All Samsung units are manufactured in Korea, Samsung throughout all of their products offered pride themselves on the level of quality that they are able to consistently produce.
Years of Experience - Entering the refrigeration market in 1972, Samsung have extensive experience and in more recent years have become the fastest growing company within the industry.
Powerful Airflow - The indoor unit contains three fans and has been designed to handle long duct runs and provide powerful airflow in your home.
Range of Systems - Like Daikin, Samsung have a huge range of system sizes to tailor any system to your needs.
EER - The Samsung has an amazing EER Rating of 3.89 for their 10kW system.

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Specialists in Residential, Office and Light Commercial!

Do not waste your time speaking with cowboys, Solaire Connect have a reputation built on quality serviced backed with industry leading products. Whether it is a small 5 outlet reverse cycle ducted or a big VRV unit on a commercial property, Solaire have the tools and expertise to best serve you.

What’s involved in Reverse Cycle

Indoor Unit

The indoor unit, hidden from view, also contains a heat exchanging coil that cools the air in your house in cooling mode and warms it in heating mode. A fan then blows the conditioned air through the ducts installed in your roof space to the outlets in the ceiling of each room.

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit contains the smart inverter compressor which circulates refrigerant to the indoor unit and back again. The unit also contains a heat exchanging coil and a fan which blows air across the coil.


A stylish and intuitive controller makes it easy to select desired temperature and fan speeds. Premium controller models also include a number of advanced features such as LCD back-lighting and time scheduling.


Having the latest in touch screen control is fast becoming the people choice when.

Want to know more about the Companies?

The spoil yourself for choice with the quality brands that we offer, not only do we give you the best units but back that with industry leading zone controls and ducting with Advantage Air:

  • Samsung - Over the last 3 years Samsung have invested heavily into R+D and have certainly benefited. They are now one of the biggest players in the air conditioning industry and their rise to prominence is truly deserved with their quality of mid range units.
  • Toshiba - Being one of the last units still completely manufactured in Japan, the Toshiba is proving to be an industry leader in air flow, efficiency and working range.
  • Advantage Air - Whats the point of having a sexy looking car if it does not drive? this is where Advantage Air plays a pivotal part in ensuring our customers have the best zonal and ducting equipment money can buy. Advantage air are leaders in the Air Conditioning industry changing the way we zone and control air conditioning system, most recently bringing out individual room thermostats.
  • Daikin - Regarded as the best for many reasons, Daikin has been and continues to be the benchmark in Air Conditioning. With their energy efficient and high air flow units, Daikin has well and truly established itself as the premium system in the market place.